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 BEST birthday

We’ve put a checklist together to make sure you think of everything.

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October 12, 2022

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Not convinced why their first birthday party matters so much? It’s a an amazing opportunity to bring your child’s loved ones together. This family’s jungle-themed party for baby Bryant even led to thousands in investments in his future.


🗓️ Set the date

Six to eight weeks before the party, choose the perfect date. Weekends can fill up fast, so knowing exactly when you want to celebrate will make sure that day or time doesn’t get packed with other activities in the meantime.

Weekend mornings and afternoons are a great time for a baby’s birthday party, and if your little one has a regular nap schedule, this could be an opportunity to plan the party for the sweet spot of when they’re awake and kicking!

💰 Set your budget

You’re about to make a lot of decisions! Setting a budget will help you know what to say “Yes!” to and what to pass on when you’re planning for the big day. A budget will also help you negotiate priorities. Want the energy of a big gathering? You may need opt for small snacks instead of springing for that food truck. Budget for what matters and planning will bring fewer surprises.

🏡 Pick a venue

If you’ve got space at home, or in your backyard, your house could be the perfect spot to host your little one’s first birthday party. Hosting at home means you’ll have all of your familiar and cozy things nearby if you baby gets overstimulated, needs some comfort, or just needs a nap.

Not enough space in your house? Check out a local park! Plenty have picnic tables, grill areas, or rentable shelters for hosting parties.

Weather not agreeable? Check in with family or friends to see if someone in your circle would be happy hosting.

📝 Make the guest list

Do you want to throw a big bash, or host a more intimate gathering? Family only, or friends and neighbors welcome? Plus-ones? How many kids and babies? Think about the size of your venue and what you want the energy of the party to feel like. A packed room can feel festive, but a smaller crew can lead to more time for conversation with all of your guests.

🎪 Pick a theme

A theme isn’t necessary, but it can help you make decisions later on in your planning process. Even choosing a central color scheme can make picking out decorations a breeze. Does your little one have a beloved stuffed animal or toy? A favorite and familiar critter can be a great jumping off point for an adorable theme that also lets your baby hang with their fave stuffie all day 😉

🎶  Plan the entertainment

While clowns and magicians can be fun for older kiddos in attendance, if the party is mostly babies and parents, a fun playlist and room for tummy time might be enough entertainment for the whole crew!

If the party is outside, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and sprinklers can make for tons of kid-friendly fun.

💌 Make your invite!

This is where your theme comes in handy! Find an adorable evite image or a paper invite and send to your chosen guest list! This is also a great place to share what kind of gifts your little one wants for their big day. Incorporate EarlyBird into the invitation by including your QR code or linking directly to your child’s gifting page with a note about why investments are a great gift for your little one.

While toys and unnecessary baby gear will eventually go the way of the landfill, a gift in your baby’s EarlyBird account will accrue compound interest over their lifetime, plus loved ones can attach a moment to the gift so that the love never gets lost. Of course, it can be hard to convince some loved ones to pass on the cute new toy—if guests don’t want to forgo the toys entirely, encourage them to match the value of their gift with an investment in your baby’s EarlyBird account!


💝 Pick your favors

Not sure what to send home with partygoers? Send an EarlyBird gift to each partygoer’s parent to kick off their financial future!

🎉 Time to party!

You’ve done all the planning, now it’s time to party! Enjoy the work you put in beforehand and celebrate your baby’s big first year with your loved ones. Don’t forget to snap pics!

Got a gift table set up? Print out your child’s EarlyBird QR code and place it where the presents go. This is a great reminder to guests who haven’t purchased a gift yet that an investment is at the top of your little one’s wishlist!

📸 Upload those pics!

After the party, add some favorite moments to your little one’s EarlyBird timeline! These photos and videos will live on forever as memories for your child, and they’ll be great documents of the special day for any loved ones who check in on your child on EarlyBird.

Were some friends and family not able to attend the party? Adding moments can be a great way to spark investments of wealth and love in your little one’s future.

✍️ Say thanks!

Don’t forget to send thank you notes! Just like regular, early investing with EarlyBird is an excellent habit, being gracious and saying “thanks!” is one of the best habits you can have and instill in your child from the earliest age.

😴 Relax

You did it! Great job throwing an amazing birthday party for your little one. Take a nap, and when you’re feeling nostalgic, scroll through your little one’s EarlyBird moments to remember what a success the party was ❤️

Ready to make it happen? Launch your little one’s EarlyBird account now.

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This page contains general information and does not contain financial advice. All investments involve risk. Any hypothetical performance shown is for illustrative purposes only. Actual investment performance may be different for many reasons, including, but not limited to, market fluctuations, time horizon, taxes, and fees. Please consult a qualified financial advisor and/or tax professional for investment guidance.


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Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.