You're invited to contribute to [Child’s First Name]’s future

We're using EarlyBird to save and invest for our little one's future. If you're considering a gift, this is a great option!

Age 4

Gift wealth, not waste

Contribute as little as $15 to fuel their future dreams, not fill the local landfill. We’ll all thank you!

Add a loving message

Leave a personal video message or add a note the child will see when they're older.

Watch them grow, together

Ah, the gift of compounding! All contributions are automatically invested into an expertly-crafted portfolio.

Build financial freedom

At 18, the child will have the flexibility to use the funds to go to college, travel, buy a home, or even start a business!

What is EarlyBird?

EarlyBird is the most simple and meaningful way to save for your child's future with the love and support of family and friends.

📈 Expertly-crafted portfolios built for families
🚀 Flexible to fund any dream, not just college
💰 Celebrate milestones, earn bonus investments
🎁 Receive contributions from family and friends

Trusted by 70,000+ families and kids

Aj, EarlyBird dad

A simple and easy way to invest in a child’s future

“With EarlyBird, hopefully my children will learn about the value of investing and saving along their trip to adulthood. What a wonderful head start it will be!”

Chikodi, EarlyBird dad

A nest egg for college or the next phase of life

“I love the simplicity of recurring monthly investments—Plus, they’ll have a nice nest egg for college or the next phase of life after high school.”

Amanda, EarlyBird mom

No investing experience? No problem!

EarlyBird has found a quick and easy way to create generational wealth! Thanks to EarlyBird, my children will have a foundation to grow from after high school.”

Aaron, EarlyBird dad

Financial security for my child

“It gives me some peace of mind knowing that when my child becomes an adult, she'll have a nice cushion to support her, whether she wants to go to college, take a trip across the world, or buy a car.”

Freddy, EarlyBird dad

The flexibility of not having to save only for college

“I love that it enables me to save for my child's future with the flexibility for them to do what they want to do with their savings—whether it's college or life-learning experiences, such as travel.”

Tara, EarlyBird mom

A head start on investing

“It's an easy way to give a gift that grows with time—and I love being able to share a video along with the gift! Can't wait for my child to see the messages in a few years!”

Scott, EarlyBird dad

An appreciation for *appreciation*

“I much prefer to gift my children something that appreciates rather than just another toy—they have plenty.
I also like that it's easy for friends and family to do, too!”

Ester, EarlyBird mom

A more intentional and focused way to save

“We love the convenience of sharing a link with family and how easy it is for them to contribute to our kids' financial future.”

Harrison, EarlyBird dad

This will set her up to be financially secure "forever"

"I love how easy it is to save money for my daughter. I don't have to worry about it, and I can be sure that the money will be kept for her and nothing else.”

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