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14 Innovative Ways to Preserve Family Memories

Looking for ways to preserve family memories and keep your most special moments alive? From scrapbooking to online family photo albums, we'll cover it all.


Jordan Wexler

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March 12, 2024

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Do you ever find yourself looking through old photo albums, wishing you could relive those treasured moments with your family? Do you want to find a way to preserve family memories in a way that's meaningful to you?

As our children grow up and life moves forward, it can be difficult to hold onto those precious memories. They slip from our minds as we make space for new events, new facts, and new moments. 

While it's true that some family memories just have the ability to stick with us forever, the reality is that there are countless special moments that you likely don't want to lose to the vicious grip of Father Time.

The good news? There are all kinds of creative ways to preserve those special times with your loved ones. Let's take a closer look.

How Do You Document Family Memories?

The moments that laugh, the moments that make us cry…and everything in between. We all have those moments we want to cherish forever. 

But how do we make sure those memories never fade away? Here are a few tips to help you preserve family memories for the long haul.

1. Write a Family Journal

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to document family memories is by writing in a family journal. This journal can be passed down from generation to generation, filled with stories, anecdotes, and thoughts about your family. 

Interestingly, research shows that the process of writing something down not only captures it for you to reflect upon later, but also helps your brain commit it more fully to your memory.

You can document anything you want, from family vacations to hilarious dad jokes that were shared at the dinner table. This journal can be as personal as you want it to be, but ultimately, it will help you remember the little moments that make your family unique. 

2.  Celebrate All the Milestones in Life

Don't skip a single thing. While this might seem rather obvious, it's all too common for us to cast aside another birthday, another developmental leap, whatever it might be, to focus on the next big thing. 

Make every moment a party. Whether it's a parent's retirement party or a child's first time trying green beans, find ways to celebrate the little things. Take photos and videos of these events and keep them on file, or write about your thoughts and feelings in a journal. 

Whatever you do, just make sure you pause and take notice!

3. Make a Scrapbook

Of course, one of the most classic ways to document family memories is by making a scrapbook. This can be a fun and creative way to showcase all the special moments in your family's history, from baby's first steps to grandpa's retirement party. 

You can include photos, mementos, and even personal stories and anecdotes to make the scrapbook truly unique and special. 

Scrapbooking also provides a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, whether you're working on a project together or simply reminiscing about old times.

Don't want to worry about where to stash a physical scrapbook? Don't worry. With apps like EarlyBird, you can easily create a digital scrapbook or photo album that you can pull up at any time. No worries about it getting lost or damaged!

4. Set Up a Memory Wall

If you have a dedicated space in your home where there's room for it, consider setting up a memory wall. This can be a collection of photos, art, or other items that represent special memories or experiences with your family. 

You can switch out the items periodically, keeping the wall fresh and reminding you of important moments in your family's journey.

5. Hang On to Your Family Calendars

Family calendars are a great way to keep track of events and activities, but they can also serve as a record of your family's history. 

If you keep your old calendars, you can look back and see what your family was up to on specific days or weeks in the past. This is another great way to preserve family memories that you might find mundane now, but will likely reminisce fondly upon when you're looking back many years from now.

6. Digitize Your Old Photos and Films

If you have old family photos or films, it's a good idea to digitize them. This will not only make them easier to access and share, but it will also protect them from damage or loss. 

There are many services that will digitize your old photos and films for you, or you can do it yourself using a scanner or digital camera.

Again, apps like EarlyBird make it easy for you to transfer all of your photos into a digital format, so consider giving that a try to streamline your approach. 

7. Make Videos

Technology has made it easier than ever to capture and share family memories. With smartphones, you can easily record videos of family gatherings, vacations, and everyday moments. You can even create a family YouTube channel to share your videos with extended family members who live far away!

Don’t worry if the videos aren’t perfect – the imperfections can actually make them more memorable and enjoyable to watch.

8. Sew a Quilt from Old Clothing

Do you have a pile of old t-shirts, baby clothes, and blankets that hold special memories but are gathering dust in a closet? Turn them into a one-of-a-kind quilt that can be passed down through the generations. 

Not handy with a sewing machine? There are plenty of online services that can create a quilt for you using your own fabric - or you can ask another family member who might know how to do this to help you out. 

9. Write a Family Cookbook

Food is a powerful way to connect with our past and our loved ones. In fact, when you think back to your fondest memories, how many of them involve sitting around a Thanksgiving table, getting ice cream after a baseball game, or enjoying a backyard barbecue?

To harness this powerful ability of food to reignite our memories, take some time to collect old family recipes and stories about when and where they were made, and compile them into a family cookbook. 

This is a great way not only to preserve treasured family recipes, but also to pass on cooking skills and traditions to future generations. Plus, it makes a great gift for family members.

10. Research Your Family Tree 

Knowing your lineage all the way back to your ancestors can be fascinating and enlightening. It can give you insight into where you come from and help explain certain quirks and traits that run in your family. 

By doing some genealogy research, either on your own with the help of the library and your family members or by using an online genealogy service, you can create a family tree, which will serve as a record of your family's history. 

Sites like Ancestry and FamilySearch offer valuable resources for anyone interested in starting their own genealogy project. You can search through old census records, birth and death certificates, immigration records, and more to uncover fascinating information about your family's history.

Once you've gathered this information, consider creating a family tree poster or booklet to display it all in one place. You could also use this as an opportunity to set up a family reunion and share your findings with all your relatives.

11. Frame Handwritten Notes and Letters

In today's fast-paced world, we tend to rely on technology for our communication, but there's something timeless and special about handwritten notes and letters. They are tangible documents that capture a moment in time, often revealing more about the writer than any text message or email ever could. 

By framing these notes and letters, you keep them safe from damage, while also creating a beautiful piece of art that showcases the love and affection within your family.

12. Engrave or Embroider Family Names and Dates Into Keepsakes

If you're feeling extra crafty, you could even use embroidery or engraving to incorporate your family names and important dates onto keepsakes that can be passed down through generations. 

This could include anything from vintage jewelry to engraved picture frames to personalized family quilts.

13. Create an Old School Photo Album…

For the most part, gone are the days when people used to bring their camera film to the drug store to have it developed and printed into 4x6 or 5x7 prints for their photo albums. But nothing beats the satisfaction of flipping through an album filled with old photographs and seeing those family memories come to life once more!

Consider making an old-school photo album and adding some quirky elements to make it more interesting - more  "you." You might add some souvenirs or other memories to a vacation photo album, or even just pencil in some details like the date, location, and circumstances of the photo. You could even include some funny quotes or anecdotes from the day!

14. …or Better Yet, Use the EarlyBird App

Creating an old-school photo album is a good way to stay connected to your family's most cherished memories, but it's not always the best option. Photo albums aren't necessarily durable, and the photos can easily collect dust or fade over time (or worse, get lost in disasters like house fires or floods).

So how do you enjoy all the benefits of a traditional photo album - without the hassle?

It's simply - a digital family album app. The EarlyBird app takes a fresh approach to photo sharing and memory keeping. This app is designed specifically for families who want to capture and document their special moments. It allows you to create a digital family album that is always up-to-date, accessible, and easy to share.

One of the key features of the app is its ability to automatically organize and store your photos in one place. With EarlyBird, you will never have to worry about losing a precious photo or forgetting where you saved it. The app automatically backs up all your photos to the cloud, so they're always safe and secure - and of course, totally shareable.

Whether you're on vacation with your kids or you're just relaxing at home, EarlyBird makes it easy to preserve family memories that you want to last a lifetime.

Keep Your Family Memories Alive (and Accessible) With EarlyBird

Whether it's through digital means like creating a family photo album or physical items like a quilt made from old clothes, there's no shortage of ways to honor the memories of those we love.

But with so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's where EarlyBird comes in. Our platform makes it easy to create and share your family stories in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Don't let your family memories fade away – try EarlyBird today and see how easy and enjoyable preserving your heritage can be.

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Jordan Wexler

CEO, Co-Founder

EarlyBird CEO and co-founder, Jordan Wexler, is a loving uncle to two beautiful children and a godparent of twins. It was when he welcomed these children into the world and showered them with gifts that he first saw the core problem EarlyBird needed to solve—that there was no simple and meaningful way to gift a financial asset or invest in the children we love most. Launched publicly in December 2020, EarlyBird has since helped over 100K families start their journeys toward building generational wealth.

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Get started with your first $10 on us, when you create an account today!
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Get started with your first $10 on us, when you create an account today!
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Get started with your first $10 on us, when you create an account today!
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
Download EarlyBird today and start investing in your child’s tomorrow.
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