EarlyBird Launches Gifts for Good

March 31, 2021
company announcement

EarlyBird is excited to announce the launch of Gifts for Good, a new program that brings life to a value at EarlyBird’s core - establishing a better financial future for the next generation. Starting April 1, 2021 every month EarlyBird will choose 1-3 extraordinary kids between the ages of 3 – 12 years old to support and invest in.  EarlyBird will scout for young leaders showcasing extraordinary talent and potential in all areas of achievement such as:

  • Music and the Arts
  • Creative Achievements
  • Special Acts of Kindness
  • Athletics
  • Academics

For each child EarlyBird chooses to invest in, we will share their story with the EarlyBird community and EarlyBird’s CEO, Jordan Wexler, will then gift a $250 investment to all of the chosen children to kick start their investment accounts.

Once each child is set up with an EarlyBird account EarlyBird will send a monthly email to the EarlyBird community to share the wonderful stories of the Gifts for Good recipients and encourage all users to send gifts to further support these extraordinary kids! 

Overall, EarlyBird hopes to promote a culture of giving that is shared between parent and child. Gifts for Good seeks to share inspirational stories of achievement with families and provide parents opportunities to share lessons of the importance of giving with their kids.

We are looking forward to launching this exciting new initiative on April 5, 2021 and we can’t wait for the gift giving to begin!

The EarlyBird Team

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