April's Gifts for Good Recipient: Jonah Larson

April 2, 2021
gifts for good

Jonah is 11 years old and from Wisconsin and was recently featured in the news as a crochet prodigy! Here is a brief interview with Jonah:

What does crocheting mean to you? Crocheting means many things to me. It is a way that I can connect people around the world together. I have also been able to use crochet to bring generations together by keeping the art form of crochet alive and thriving. Crochet is a means of relaxation and I find it therapeutic as it calms my “busy mind”.

How will you use this money for your future? I plan on being a surgeon so I’m saving up for that. I also use my Jonah’s Hands money to help my birth country of Ethiopia. I have already funded a library and a science lab in the small rural village where I was born! Now, I’m raising money to build bathrooms for the kids at the school. In addition, I have hopes of funding playground equipment for them.

What are your biggest hopes and dreams? My dream is to have books available for all kids and to help them receive an education in any way I can. I have been given an opportunity through adoption to receive an education and family in America. I want all kids to have a chance to be successful and I have a special place in my heart for my birth country.

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You can also support Jonah and his mission to give back by purchasing one of his crochet creations here

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