Product Update: A Better Gifting Flow

October 13, 2021
company announcement

Today, we’re excited to announce the next iteration of gifting at EarlyBird. Thousands of gifts have been sent on our platform since launching version 1 in December. Since then, our team has been working side-by-side with our customers to gather feedback and insights.

With your help, we’re excited to bring you these new features:

Upload existing photos or videos from your camera roll

Simply connect your camera roll, select your memory and share it.

Upload your favorite memories from your camera roll

New, beautiful, illustrated gift cards to make your gift even more special

Your memory and financial contribution deserve to be wrapped up in a beautiful container. Watch the spark of joy when a child gets to tap open the card and see what's inside.

Send a beautiful gift card that can be viewed in-browser

View your gift in-browser

Get a full-view of the gift before having to download the app. Learn about the value of EarlyBird before you commit to setting up an account.

Group SMS gift notifications

Automatically get added to a group-chat when the recipient receives notice of your gift.

Get added to a group SMS once your gift is sent

Reminders to deposit gifts

The recipient will receive SMS reminders if they haven't accepted their gift within 3-days.

Send a thank you note

The recipient can now easily send a thank you note SMS to the sender.

Gift previews

Easily preview your gift, in its full experience, before you send it. Make any necessary changes, and send it off.


These updates are just the beginning. We have some more exciting features coming in the next few months:

👉  Unique occasion cards

👉 New financial assets to gift

👉 Recurring contributions

👉 Gift add-ons

👉 Gift in-browser

Want to provide feedback on this new experience? Book some time with me here to chat about it and I’ll credit you $15 on EarlyBird to gift to a loved one.