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July's Gifts for Good Recipient: Khloe Thompson (Khloe Kares)

July 15, 2021

Khloe Thompson has a drive for helping others that has been evident for nearly her entire life. At the age of 8 she recognized that many kids have difficulty connecting their passions to sustainable work and purpose and decided to found a nonprofit organization to help people everywhere bridge that gap. Since then, Khloe has only gotten more involved in her local and our global community. She started the "Kare Bag" program years ago, using her design skills to make a tote bag filled with supplies for those in need in her area. She now partners with community organizations that host their own Kare Bag Days. In 2016, Khloe helped raise $12,000 for a school in rural Ghana to install a water pump and bathroom facilities.

How will Khloe use this money for her future?

I will use the money to fund my projects. I'm extremely active in Ghana and having these funds set aside will secure school supplies, help with school desks, and support building more water pumps and bathroom facilities. I will also use this money to fund my passion projects, such as an eco-friendly reusable pad that I am currently developing. 

What are Khloe's biggest hopes and dreams?

I have so many hopes dreams, I'm on track to graduate high school early and am already taking college classes. I plan to attend Parson’s The New School in New York to study fashion design. I want to build a community center in Ghana that will have a trade school for kids to learn life skills while also having a place for kids to do homework and get a free meal. I also want to write and publish another book about youth entrepreneurship.

What is Khloe's favorite part of the work that she has done so far?

I love helping people and giving back, especially when I'm paid in what I call "smile money." Smile money is paid in smiles and love. Much of my work comes with no conventional return from the people I meet and bless. I love helping people and giving back.

You can read more about all the ongoing projects Khloe is working on and donate to her efforts here!

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