May's Gifts for Good Recipient: Jaxson Turner

May 4, 2021
gifts for good

14 year old Jaxson from Texas is founder of Never Too Young To Care (N2Y2C), a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to giving back. Jaxson and the N2Y2C charity has raised over $72,000 since they started just four years ago! N2Y2C leads four annual events to raise money for local community members. During the holiday season, N2Y2C holds a Christmas event where they raise money to give to gifts to homeless children. Over the months of February and March, N2Y2C holds an Easter Meal Event where they provide dinner to residents at a local homeless shelter. Every Saturday during the month of May, N2Y2C spreads awareness about domestic violence and the unfortunate connection with homelessness. Between June and August, Jaxson and N2Y2C organization set up lemonade stands to raise money for school supplies for Collin County students. Here is a brief interview with Jaxson:

How will you use this money for your future? I will use the money hopefully to help with college tuition or maybe buy a building to open a 2nd hand boutique to benefit #N2Y2C Charity.

What are your biggest hopes and dreams? My hopes are to be able to increase donations to be able to help more families that are homeless or struggling. That would be awesome! My hopes are to someday attend Harvard and study law, hold a political seat, and become the POTUS. I would love to own a Chic-fil-A.

You can also support Jaxson and his mission to serve people experiencing challenges like homelessness, domestic violence, and poverty here