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September's Gifts for Good Recipient: Chelsea Phaire

September 10, 2021

Chelsea Phaire ( is a 12-year-old determined to break down access barriers to art so everyone can participate. Chelsea's charity puts together art kits for kids in need through donations, Chelsea herself spends time teaching some of her favorite art techniques to kids and working on her own craft.

Chelsea has been passionate about art "since she was able to hold a crayon", and she knows it can help children get through hard times in their lives. Studies show art helps kids develop socially and emotionally - regardless of whether or not someone is "good" at it, and Chelsea wants her kits to give kids everywhere the opportunity to make art. By making her kits and spreading her message, Chelsea gets to combine her longstanding love of art with her deep desire to help people.

How did Chelsea get involved in art and what sparked her passion to create art kits for children in need? 

When Chelsea's grandfather passed away when she was about 4 years old, her grandmother told her to draw a picture during during funeral when she got sad. After Chelsea finished the picture, she was able to place it in her papa Joe's suit pocket before his casket closed and she says that's when she realized how much art can help someone in their time of need. As she got older and received more art supplies from friends and family, she learned how expensive art supplies are but also remembered how much it helped her during the funeral; so she felt like everyone should have access to art to help them express themselves, heal and communicate.

What are the long term goals for Chelsea Charity and how will investments from the EarlyBird community impact those goals?

Long term goals for Chelsea's Charity include partnering with artists and art therapists to provide art lessons and art therapy sessions for children in need. In addition, she is working on getting art cabinets (similar to the book libraries) in different neighborhoods, where people can take art supplies when they need and others can add supplies directly to the cabinet for the community. She just completed her first one and hopes to add many more in years to come. investments from the EarlyBird community will help support Chelsea as she continues to learn more about art therapy and how she can enhance her ability to help and inspire others. 

 From Chelsea's mom, Candace: What are you looking forward to most from Chelsea’s involvement with EarlyBird?

I'm looking forward to Chelsea learning more about investments and savings to help her in the future. Thank you EarlyBird!

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