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August's Gifts for Good Recipient: Jahkil Jackson

August 11, 2021

Jahkil Jackson ( is a young man who has looked for ways to make the world a better place since he was just five years old. Jahkil was deeply impacted by seeing unhoused people in Chicago, his hometown, and wanted to do something to help. He came up with the idea of "Blessing Bags," bags of toiletries that he began handing out. "In just a few years, Jahkil’s efforts have impacted 50,000 men, women and children across the world." Jahkil has engaged with people from Chicago to Swaziland to hand out Blessing Bags to many different people in need.

Jahkil also works as a motivational speaker "on a mission to influence kids around the country to get involved in their communities." Jahkil has been a Youth Ambassador for the Heartland Alliance, a member of the WE International Youth Council, and the Youth Board President for Dreams for Kids. He was also named to BET's 15 Under 15 and acknowledged as one of three influential people by former President Barack Obama and the Obama foundation.

It is clear that Jahkil Jackson is a kid on a mission, and EarlyBird is so excited to support him wherever his journey goes next. Learn more about all the work Jahkil has done (we couldn't fit it all here!) and show him your support with an EarlyBird gift today!

How did Jahkil begin getting involved in this cause and what has helped him stay so dedicated?

Jahkil started working with the homeless after seeing people sleeping on the streets when he was five years old. His aunt took him and his cousins out to feed the homeless at that time and Jahkil was deeply impacted and wanted to help. Jahkil and his family sat down and did some research, and Jahkil decided to make bags of toiletries and daily essentials. He knew that these items would last longer than food, and he saw that there were many places handing out food - he wanted to meet the daily needs that were not being met. The response from the community locally and nationally has kept Jahkil committed to this cause and to making the world better in many other ways.

How will investments from the EarlyBird community impact Jahkil and his work?

Jahkil is so excited about this opportunity for many reasons. The partnership with EarlyBird is something completely different from what he has done before and it is an investment into his personal future.

From Jahkil's mom, Na-Tae: What are you looking forward to from this partnership?

Na-Tae is looking forward to Jahkil learning more about financial literacy, the value of investing early, and smart money decisions.

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